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Fabel Friet

Our Fries

No French fries or Flemish fries, at Fabel Friet we bake real Dutch fries. Every day, we give our all to bake the tastiest fries in Amsterdam.

We use the best quality Agria potatoes from Dutch soil, specially developed for fries.

The fries are cut fresh daily and then pre-baked at a low temperature. The raw potato is cooked, losing a lot of its moisture in the process. We then let the pre-baked fries cool down to 5°C before finishing them off.

We bake our fries in their skin, preserving the flavor and reducing cutting waste by about 10%. Moreover, the oil we use to fry the potatoes is 100% plant-based, resulting in a delicious golden-yellow fry that's soft on the inside and crispy on the outside.

Come visit us soon to taste our fabulous fries for yourself.

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